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Unions are inherently evil

February 23rd, 2011

If you belong to one, you’re either weak or ignorant.

Step to the plate, find some self-respect and be an individual. Earn what’s yours and stop demanding what doesn’t belong to you like a toddler.

Unions are communist by definition and they’re un-American. Outlaw them now. A free people shouldn’t tolerate Marxists in our businesses.

Andy Stern and Dicky Trumka should both be strung up on the National Mall.

4 Responses to “Unions are inherently evil”

  1. I dont have a dog in this fight. I dont belong to any unions and dont fully understand them. I’m pretty sure the car industry went south because of unions. I just have to sit back with my mouth shut and watch this play out.

  2. I’m neither weak nor ignorant, and I spent a few years of my life in a union. Unions once served a valuable purpose. That need has for the most part passed.

    I agree that civil servants should NEVER be allowed to collectively bargain. Their management is elected with their votes. Bad system.

    We should tolerate all political beliefs in business. We just shouldn’t elect them to public office.

  3. I don’t think they ever served a useful purpose, except for the aforementioned communists.

    It’s immoral and should be illegal to force a company to deal with a union. If the members decide of their own free will to unionize to try and force collective bargaining, fine. But all of them being fired should be a possible consequence.

    It is a violation of the employer’s free association rights otherwise.

  4. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost iompssible.