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Straight-up racism

Friday, November 27th, 2009

(Hat-tip to Janeane Garofolo, who has far more vowels than anyone in America should be allowed to hoard just for a single person’s name!)

It’s the first Black Friday in America since we put a black man in the White House. How do you suppose it might go?

I’m guessing he wants all the black on him. All for himself. None left for profitable ink on ledgers, either government or private. That’s why he turned an economic down-turn into The Greatest Depression.

How else could you explain his insertion of himself and his race into the video he sent to commemorate the greatest accomplishment of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher?

Every, single thing that has ever been in any way related to, or connected by, blackness is about Obama. Also anything relating to “job creation” and freedom. That’s him too.

Black Friday won’t be so black this year. Because you elected a president that should be on a doctor’s couch instead of the Oval Office. He’s not black. He’s a mulatto bastard with two worthless, selfish parents. That can leave one confused.

My father was taken from me when I was young. Barry Soetoro doesn’t have the luxury I have – I knew my father and he was a great man. Barry never knew the sperm factory that spawned him and countless others. What he does know isn’t very respectable.

So he’s determined to undermine America. When the drunken Kenyan father that abandoned him, the Muslim step-father that adopted him and Karl Marx are all proud of him, he can rest.

I’m holding my breath.

Happy shopping, America! And welcome to Red Friday.


Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Axelrod reports that Obama isn’t watching election results because he’s more interested in the Chicago Bulls game. Drudge reports that Michelle took the “First tweens” to a Miley Cyrus concert.

That all sounds about right.

If I was an eight year old boy that didn’t know how to do anything but campaign and then I conned my way into the White House only to completely fail because I’m in way over my head and had completely lied all along the way, I would hide in the media room and watch basketball on Spanking Night, too. I would also send my wife and kids out of the house so they didn’t have to see it all.

He’s not only immature, inexperienced and over-matched. He’s also been a very bad boy. It’s reckoning time. This is more fun than his Olympic humiliation in Copenhagen! (Yes, it’s personal for me. He’s totally and completely un-American in every possible way and I relish the failure of America’s enemies, foreign or domestic.)

As I write this – around 22:30 EST – there’s already been a total revolution in Virginia. The Democrats lost a full quarter of the electorate since Barry’s five point win last year. Don’t believe it when they blame it on Creigh Deeds, either. He’s incompetent to be sure, but that doesn’t explain the nearly 3-2 margin for the Lt. Governor and Attorney General or all the state legislature seats that also swung Republican.

Also at this moment, with three quarters of the votes in, Christie is up by 6 points in NJ. That may not hold but it’s absolutely astounding in such a corrupt and blue state. Whatever Christie ends up with, win or lose, in that vote you’ll have to add at least 2-3 points to his total to allow for all of the standard Democratic vote fraud in that state. (“It’s gettin’ so’s ya can’t trust an honest fix no more.”) It’s also double the margin predicted by the most Christie-optimistic polls, pre-election.

Now I’m going back to watching the tickers like the political junkie I am and giggling like a young girl at her first sleepover. But first, the standard disclaimer in case you don’t already know:

I’m not a Republican and I haven’t voted Republican in decades. It’s highly unlikely I ever will again. I don’t vote at all anymore and the last few times I did, I voted “third” party because it’s what I believe. Politics is a spectator sport that I watch with the same interest as football and boxing.

But I do so love to watch the childish, whiny brats that are the Democrat party get the spankings they deserve! It’s one of the few examples you’ll ever find of me engaging in schadenfreude.