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Santa Claus sucks at math

Friday, October 16th, 2009

I guess that’s why he has that gig where he lives in a fantasy world and defies the laws of physics.

Somebody, please tell the Obama-Pelosi-Reid cartel that they’re not at the North Pole and there are no elves. In this real world where the rest of us live, it makes no difference how hard you wish, you can’t just choose your own reality. (If that were possible, my wishes would have made some quick, drastic changes on their playground a long time ago.)

Everything the government has ever touched has turned to shit. This is an indisputable fact. Off the top of my head I’ll give you a few examples: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid – deep breath – shall I continue? USPS, Amtrak, AIG, GM … I could go on. If those feckless retards actually knew how to run a business they would get a real job instead of working part time while living high on your money.

Based on the wonderful track record they have with Medicare and Medicaid – which are both bankrupt and comprise most of the “health care” problem they’re now trying to solve – they’ve decided they should be in charge of ALL health care for EVERYONE.

As with every government program, it starts with wild promises, crazy predictions, dire warnings and a gun to your head.

Indulge me for a moment while I dazzle these manure-shovelers with some math. Government currently accounts for about 53% of all “health care” spending in the US, primarily through Medicare and Medicaid – which are both going broke, while only paying about 80% of what they are billed. (Can you just refuse to pay for 20% of the services you have requested and contractually agreed to pay for? You could if you were the government!)

They also refuse more claims than ANY private insurance company. In fact, if you exclude them and list the next top five, in terms of percentage of claims denied, they decline more than the fourth and fifth ranked private companies combined!

If you want to know why health care costs have “skyrocketed” at multiples of the general inflation rate, trace it back to when that problem began and consider these three points:

1) Congress is populated almost entirely with lawyers. Lawyers have driven up the cost of health care with frivolous lawsuits. (“Have you or someone you love DIED after taking the drug _____? You may be entitled to compensation for your suffering! Call NOW!” If you can afford to advertise for victims, you’re the problem.) Isn’t this why we have the FDA? That’s a separate post. The point on this one is that tort reform – reining in parasites like John Edwards – is not even being considered because a super majority of both parties got to D.C. on money made through exactly that sleazy practice. They chased ambulances all the way to Congress.

2) Health care costs, and – inversely – general quality of relationship with the providers, went batshit crazy at right about the time government got involved with health care. That would be around the 60′s. You’re subsidizing government health care TWICE already. Once with your tax dollars and a second time with higher prices because your well-meaning doctor HAS to charge you about 150% of otherwise going rates to make up for the 20% he’s losing every time he enters a room with a government insurance patient. Those patients are both more numerous and more frequent visitors to his office, by the way.

3) The health insurance companies have enjoyed an exemption from anti-trust laws for 40 years or so. They get that in exchange for accepting more feral gubmint regulation than any other industry. In short, they’re all in bed together. When Oblahhma or that retard running the U.S. House of Representatives tells you that the insurance companies are the devil and they’re gonna rein them in – they’re lying. As usual. They’re simply renegotiating the terms of the incestuous relationship.

Bottom line, if you get the government completely the hell out of health care, this problem will solve itself in the free market. Government is not the solution; it’s the problem. Once again. If ANY of these health care takeover bills are allowed to pass, it won’t end well.

As usual, government creates the problem and then swoops in as the savior that’s going to rescue you. (Great quote, paraphrased – “Government cuts off both your legs, then hands you a crutch and says, ‘Without us, you couldn’t stand at all.’”) They lie every single time and the end goal never changes for them – they want control over you completely until you’re dead. Ideally, the timing and circumstances for that would be their decision too.

Oh, yeah. I didn’t mention the VHA in the list of failures above because I was talking about fiscal irresponsibility. But I spent some time with my father in law a few weeks ago. He has nearly 30 years of service to our country in the Air Force and a number of health problems in his retirement. As he was recounting to me all of his recent medical procedures, I asked him, “Are you doing all this through the VHA?”

“HELL NO! If I had waited on them I would’ve been dead 10 years ago! I’m doin’ all this myself.”

Think about that when you consider ANY government involvement in your health care. Especially when they’re working really hard at making sure they’re the only option.

A stopped clock

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

I’ll give credit where it’s due.. even if I throw in a backhanded stab here or there.

I was truly, sincerely, deeply impressed with Obama’s quasi-acceptance of the Nobel Peace prize. It’s clearly unwarranted and he handled that well in his speech. He said he was humbled and it was clear. He was not only humbled, he was embarrassed, as he should be.

This award is no statement about him and clearly a statement about the prize. Those dumb fucks are still so obsessed with Bush Derangement Syndrome that they’ll give the damn thing to anybody that appears to be opposed to him. (Carter, Gore… “I hope this is a kick in the leg of Bush.”)

It’s childish, political and irrelevant.

I wrote them off when they gave it to Arafat, an unrepentant terrorist and unrepentant anti-semite.

Then they gave it to Carter. See above. All of that applies.

THEN! Then they gave it to AL GORE! For his relentless pursuit of money in the form of a fantasy he created about “global warming.” Wait. The globe is cooling. What he meant to say was that we have a “climate change” crisis. (Whatever gets the dollars and wins the ignorant prizes.)

I have to say – in full disclosure – that I spent a few years selling cars and in all my time in the car business, I never met anybody as sleazy as Al.

Nobel also awarded their “prize” in economics to Paul Krugman a couple years ago. He’s the most consistently incorrect, completely wrong “economist” writing for the New York Times.

Leftists are either evil or stupid. Some times they’re both. The Nobel prize used to mean something.

Now it just means that you’re either evil or stupid. Often it’s both.

Congratulations, Barack!