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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Like most of America, I’m out of work because of Barry Soetoro. Thankfully, not gainful employment, like the rest of the unfortunate victims of his Carter-like stupidity. I’m out of work as a government critic. Because he’s so incompetent, so inept, so feckless, so bereft of anything required to do his job that even the fringe media that chose him and consistently apologizes for him can no longer excuse his multitude of failures. He’s the Peter Principle on Steroids.

He’s so completely over-employed that he’s making that retarded peanut farmer look good. (Maybe that’s why Carter is so vocally defending Barry – he’s finally found someone that’s worse than him. Go Jimmy! Maybe you can still salvage something of a legacy! “I wasn’t the worst president EVER! Look at Obama!”)

So. I argue no more. I’ve hit the wall. I’m not clever enough to criticize him better than the news headlines are doing it. I simply submit these three facts to you:

1) During the Reagan administration, Ghadhafi violently attacked the United States. (He was no doubt emboldened by four years of the retard from GA coddling terrorists.) Reagan bombed Ghadhafi’s house in response. (If I’m not mistaken, I believe some of the dictator’s kids were killed in that justified retaliation. It’s a damn shame he wasn’t home at the time.)

2) During the Bush 43 administration, Ghadhafi – being somewhat rational -saw the havoc wreaked in Iraq when you piss off the U.S. by dodging inspectors and hiding WMD programs. Remembering his own, very personal bitch-slapping at the hand of Reagan, he VOLUNTARILY relinquished his arms and invited inspectors to prove it.

3) Speaking before the UN this week, that same evil, anti-American dictator said, “We are content if Obama can stay forever as president.”

No doubt everyone in the White House agrees and that’s what they’re working on. If they think they’ve figured out how to do it, kudos to them. They’re wrong.

‘Nuff said. I’ll forgive you for voting for Barry. We all make mistakes. But if you still support him and think he’s doing a good job, you’re a moron and should never be allowed to vote again. You’re un-American and your ignorance is dangerous to all of us, including you.

Ghadhafi just said so.

The supporters of Barry Soetoro – and most democrats, generally – are like toddlers throwing a tantrum, demanding the right to hug the cars on the freeway.

Yes! More, please!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

As the pansy in the White House has refused to lead – because he doesn’t know how, his approval ratings have plummeted. He’s lost one of every six that actually voted for him. No elected president has ever fallen below 50% approval faster with the exception of Clinton. (I wonder what the connection could be?) So they’re regrouping and preparing for another push of the same shit Americans have already refused to swallow:

White House officials say they are looking forward to “a break from the August break” — a chance to take back control of the debate after a grim month where news coverage of the issue was dominated by vocal, emotional opponents at lawmakers’ town meetings, railing against the cost and complexity of the plans being debated.

So Obama and Democrats will return from vacation wounded, divided and uncertain of the best way to turn things around. Many Democrats, especially in the House, were spooked over break by the rowdy town hall meetings and flurry of polls showing independent voters skeptical of their leadership and spending plans.

I can’t possibly express to you how much fun I’m having with the Obama presidency. I never expected him to crash this hard and burn this hot.

Also, be clear about this: he’s never been a leader and he’s not now. He’s a puppet. This administration is being run by Axelrod and Emanuel, just as the last one was run by Cheney and Rove.

But Axelrod and Rahm are stupid and evil, respectively. Too many lies, too fast, fellas. Better luck next time.

Watching the self destruction is one hell of a lot of fun. I despise everything that they all stand for and so does most of America. So much so that it’s mobilized soccer moms and suburban dads to protest them and they’re scrambling to explain why everyone hates them. (The best they’ve come up with is “astroturf.” Like most habitual liars, the first place Axelrod runs is to projection – he made his career, and millions perfecting the art of astroturf.)

Obama’s a cripple. His wings have melted. I couldn’t be happier about it and it has nothing to do with Diane Watson. As much as she might believe this has something to do with her and his race, I don’t even think Barry looks like her.

As I’ve said before, Democrats are children. When you give them control of the candy store, the first thing they do is start fighting amongst themselves over how the candy will be distributed.

The unions own Barry and the infighting over health care is about to become really amusing. I’ve known Teamsters. I once snuck into a private Teamsters picnic and shook Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.’s hand. That was a scary place. You can trust me when I tell you that if they buy something, they expect it to stay bought.