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King of Spades Beats Any Two Clubs

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Talking about Soetoro’s association with the racist Rev. Jerry Wright was just muck raking. Barry Soetoro attended his church for 20 years, was married by Wright and Wright baptized his children. But Barry “was never there” when the radical racist was saying radical racist things like radical racists do and he was SHOCKED! SHOCKED! that Rev. Jerry said those things.

Right after that Barry “could no more disown him than [Barry] could disown the black community.”

Then, Barry threw his horrible, evil, racist grandmother under the bus (That damn woman had the devil’s blue eyes!) while… wait for it… disowning Jerry Wright. But that was “all in the past” right at the time it was happening so it certainly is now.

Are we now surprised that Barry Soetoro is the most racist man to hold the office of president in at least a generation?

No, no, no! He’s post-racial. He transcends all that. Forget about the lack of experience, the lack of specific positions on issues, the lack of a record, the lack of college transcripts or travel history. This is about HOPE dammit! And CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! And TRANSPARENCY!

He’s going to heal the wounds and fix the economy and bring us all together and make America great for the very first time ever with all his transcendence and post-racialness. Why, he even made his wife proud of America for the first time in her life. (There’s an “O face” joke in there somewhere but I can’t find it. That probably says a lot about me.)

Until last week when, in the process of walking on water to pass a socialist health care plan, he hadn’t noticed that the water level had passed his chest some time ago. When he got a little in his nose for the first time in his life, he panicked. Drowning is a bitch.

It’s a funny thing about panic. Preachers cuss. Whores pray. Politicians inadvertently peel their skin back like the aliens in “V.” (If you don’t click another link in this post, click that one. The video is only a minute and a half long and it’s more relevant than you think.)

Barry Soetoro showed himself to America for the very first time. But it was so vile, so ugly, so horrifying that Americans recoiled in their horror.

To the tune of FIVE percentage points. (Those polls are of likely voters and he’s now below 50% approval. He was elected with 52% of the vote. Can you say “buyer’s remorse?”) His approval ratings are below Jimmy Carter’s at this point in his presidency. That’s gotta be scary. For him. I finally have some of that hope he promised.

The Democrat party has been a racist party since its inception. It’s as racist now as it’s ever been. The most senior Democrat in the senate was once a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. It makes perfect sense when you check the history and learn that the KKK was originally founded as an official organization of the Democrat party. They’ve just changed tactics along the way. They traded in their hoods and nooses for hand-outs and abortion. Why deal with cutting their corpses out of a tree and burying them if you can just murder them in the womb and dispose of them as medical waste?

Skip Gates makes his living on racism, just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. When your entire identity and your livelihood are all wrapped up in a racial battle that the rest of America left behind decades ago, you have no choice but to take your work home with you, insult and defame a police officer that is at least three rungs beneath you in the current perverted social order and then call your racist friend in the White House to make it a national issue. (In psychology they all this “projection” by the way. It seems to have become a national pastime.)

Regular Americans of every color have moved past this racial mess. Why can’t democrats and elitists?

A black Harvard professor (of Black Studies), living in a city with a black mayor, in a state with a black governor, in a country with a black president who happens to be a personal friend of his *deep breath* was the victim of racism in a conflict that he instigated with a white police officer voluntarily responding to a 911 call in an effort to protect the professor’s property.

And the black president, while refusing to apologize for calling the entire police department stupid – lying about what he said on national TV in the process – says this is a “teachable moment” for all of us.

Did I summarize that correctly? It looks pretty accurate to me.

The only thing he hasn’t done – yet – is come out in black fatigues and a black beret and then end his press conference with “Black Power!”

But don’t listen to me. After all, I’m just a redneck, Bible and gun-clinging racist. Read what an honorable man who happens to be black thinks.

His academic achievements are at least as impressive as Skippy Gates and far more impressive than Soetoro’s. I know that because he hasn’t sealed his college records by executive order of the president. He’s also authored 28 books that he actually, y’know, wrote himself and most of them are not even about himself. He did all that without playing the victim or the race card.

Lock up this menace!

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Not content with becoming the world’s richest man without ever producing anything of value or building what was once one of the world’s largest corporations – that retarded instead of advanced its industry, Bill Gates is bored.

So now he and his equally inept lapdog, Nathan Myhrvold (who needs to buy a vowel), are going to prevent hurricanes.

After the horrific damage these dopes did to desktop computing, do you really want them messing with the oceans and the weather?

I sure don’t.

I’m a hard-core anti-government, anarcho-capitalist, but this seems like something that the government should step in to prevent.

I’ll take Hurricane Katrina over a global BSOD any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Somebody. Please stop this autistic madman before he destroys us all! He needs a padded room with a rocking chair and his trusty Macintosh.

Hey, Mr. Magoo! There’s a whole storm of viruses, trojans and worms hitting us every day all over the internet almost solely because of your products. How ’bout attacking that global problem before you turn to stuff at which you’re even more clueless. I hear the State Department’s been hit with DDOS attacks for a fourth straight day by botnets made up of zombie machines running your software.

Solve the problems you created and stay away from weather and the oceans.