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Oh, Snap!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Bonifa got overturned by the Supremes. Again.

I wonder what she’ll tell the neighbors this time.

What’s that now? I think it’s a one and six record. It’s also a sensitive time and a tight-knit clique. I think the Supreme Court sent a message today. They don’t like her, don’t agree with her and they don’t want her hanging out in their cafeteria.

“A wise latina woman” would keep her fool mouth shut. She most certainly wouldn’t admit – in writing – that she’s an “affirmative action baby” because, by her own admission, her test scores were too low to even get into the schools that her proponents now recite as a litany of her “amazing qualifications.”

She’s unqualified and disqualified. She’s a stupid racist.

I’m quite sure there are many “wise latinas.” I’ve met a couple. When the president nominates one, I’ll give up my day job to campaign for her. Don’t hold your breath. He never will.

Oh yeah… the president that nominated her is a liar. When his lips move, he’s lying to you. Not me. I saw his game 2 years ago. He’s lying to you while you lick his hand. If I could get that close I would kick him in the balls or punch him in the mouth. That’s why I can’t and don’t try.

If you don’t believe me ask the homosexuals. He pandered to them and then betrayed them. Now they’re grabbing for powder and all in a tizzy.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you still approve of him, you’re too stupid to be allowed a vote ever again.

You’re naive and you’ve been had.

Kill it before it kills you

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

I’m no fan of doctors or what they call “science.” It’s an opinion drawn from years of observation that has found them more often wrong than right. I’m most definitely not opposed to doctors and medicine in general. I’m glad they’re there and grateful for them when they’re necessary. That’s not often. Read on if you’ve been conditioned to already disbelieve me.

I haven’t been to a doctor since I was twelve years old, except for a couple of physicals that were required by employers (or more accurately, their insurers). I had my appendix removed when I was twelve. It was about to burst. I was in pain. I’m told I could have died. I’m glad they were there. My second child was planned to be a home delivery with a midwife. She was delivered as an emergency C-section. We protested and held out as long as we could. I was glad the doctors were there.

I’m nearly 39 years old now. I have two children that I haven’t taken to a doctor since they were born. They’re eight and ten years old. They’re healthy, happy and a bit more active than I would prefer.

All of you that run up the cost of “insurance” by visiting the doctor twice a year like clock work and even more often if you happen to get a runny nose, please explain to me why I should pay for your frailty, or more likely, your stupidity.

(If you or your children have legitimate medical problems, I’m not talking about you. That’s what health insurance is for and I would have that if it were still available at a reasonable price. It’s not. Why? Government. Heads up: I once sold life and health insurance for a living. I was licensed! By the state. Isn’t that impressive?)

I have no “health coverage” because it’s a hypochondriac’s system and they’ve made it too expensive. I refuse to pay for something I don’t need. I don’t need daily care from a physician. Oblahhma and his co-horts in the House want to make it worse. They want to invite more hypochondriacs.

The next time you hear the African squatter in the White House say that there are currently 47 million – or whatever number his staff made up that particular day – “without health coverage,” remember me and realize that not only is it a lie on its face, it’s also misrepresenting the situation.

I can afford “health coverage.” There are any number of private insurers that would sell me a “health plan” tomorrow for a price that I can afford.

I’m not interested. I’m not stupid and the cost benefit analysis is so lopsided that it tilts my laptop when I run it in a spreadsheet.

I’m even less interested in the health care salvation that Obamessiah is offering. Just the opposite. He’s using me as a statistic and proposing to help me by further ruining the health care system in this country.

He’s going to help me by removing my choices and making me a criminal. Are you aware that the Obama and House Dems proposed health care reform plan would require you to have health coverage or pay a penalty to the IRS?

Do we want the IRS involved in our health care?

I’ve got a simple solution to this problem of the “broken” health care system in this country – GET THE GOVERNMENT THE FUCK OUT OF IT!

Start by ending the War on Some Drugs and killing the ridiculous sham that is the FDA. If they were doing their alleged job, Michael Jackson would still be alive.

Too soon, too big or too detached for you? My mother-in-law died as a result of the exact same thing, exact same kind of “prescription treatment” that Michael Jackson got. I have loved ones in the same boat right now and it concerns me.

Prescription drugs are far more dangerous than “illicit” drugs, if for no other reason than this one: because they have the patina of safety. They’re not safe. The FDA is a typical government con job. (Do some research into that and see how many people have died because of drugs they approved.. and then how many died because of drugs they explicitly refused to allow in the face of already dying people that begged them.)

The doctor writing that prescription is caught in the middle and the pharmaceutical companies are worse than any Colombian cartel. The crack your doctor prescribes will kill you just like the drugs on the street. They’ll just do it slower so they can milk your death for every last penny.

Nothing that your doctor has ever prescribed you is safer than marijuana and much of it is at least as bad as heroin. A whole lot of it IS imitation, manufactured, chemical heroin. But I’m digressing…

There’s not a single health care problem in this country (or any other problem for that matter) that can’t be traced right back to government getting involved.

They always do it with the message that they’re trying to right a wrong. They’re wrong. Everything they do is wrong. Everything they touch turns to shit and every four years there’s a presidential campaign that amounts to, “If you elect me, I’ll make the shit taste like chocolate. My opponent just wants to feed you more shit that tastes like shit.”

Government is a disease that masquerades as its own cure. Now they want to use the power of “legal” force to – literally – put a gun to our heads and demand that we buy “health care.” In the process they’re going to make it not only illegal, but impossible to get decent medical care when you actually need it.

Kill government before it kills you. Start now. It’s already almost too late.

(I don’t think this is chocolate, Barry. It smells like Nancy Pelosi and tastes really strange.)

Contemplating Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

My father was the greatest man I’ve ever known. He was stolen from me when I was young. I won’t go into all of that again.

I’ve outlived him by a couple years already and that’s kind of strange in itself – you’re not supposed to be an older man than your father ever was, especially while you still have young children.

Medical science was already better than half way into the process of killing my father by the time I was the age of my oldest daughter now.

Throw into the mix that Mommy’s completely off her hinges lately, despite being here at this time last year to celebrate the day with us as a complete family.

It’s been a weird few weeks for me and I just realized a few minutes ago that it’s also Father’s Day today.

Every day is Father’s Day for me because I fought a war for my children and – among myriad other benefits – I get hugs and kisses from them every night right before bed time.

That’s all this father needs. Because it’s all that matters when you’re more than just a sperm donor.

If you’re a “man” that “can’t” be with your children today because your priorities are different, stop lying about it – especially to yourself. Nobody’s buying it. Your kids definitely aren’t. You’re vile, horrible filth.

If your kids are not grown, on their own AND you’re not hugging them today, don’t even bother to answer the phone when they call today. You don’t deserve it and they don’t mean it. They’re only calling because Mommy made them or they feel guilty for your crimes. By example you taught them how to treat you – dishonestly, superficially and without feeling.

In short, you’re as disposable to them as they were to you. And, no, you can’t fix it or make up for lost time. You failed at the only job you’ve ever had that mattered. There are no do-overs on this one.

If you’re a father and aren’t with your children today in spite of all your efforts to be with them, I truly empathize with you. I’ve been there. Keep fighting, never give up and don’t blame yourself until you quit.


Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I don’t post much here anymore because – for the last few years at least – mostly what I do here is political commentary and mockery.

Now that Barry Oblaahma has made government a satire in its own right, it’s become – at the same time – too easy and too difficult.

He’s the worst that democrats have to offer; he’s both stupid and evil. He’s failing at everything just like Jimmy Carter did and for the same reasons. Sure, he’s a little less stupid than the peanut farmer, but he’s a lot more evil. It all balances out.

How did Clinton slip through the democrat swamp and why am I now remembering him fondly?

Thank God this is just another one term failure. It’ll all be over in just about three and a half years. I hope some of America’s still in tact. At the pace he’s set, it’s pretty doubtful.