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Stupid is as Democrat does

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

There’re not many things more dangerous than a stupid person with ambition. As convenient examples I offer you Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. These are two of the stupidest people in public life. Without staff neither of them could find their way home at night.

It requires an inability to brain in order to be a Democrat. So the stupid collect themselves and pick the mental midgets to lead them.

If you would like to challenge my assertion, I dare you to get an IQ test out of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. They’re all below average. Barry is close enough to average that he might drag their cumulative score up to just barely below “moron.”

I’ll put myself, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Newt Gingrich up against the current crop of idiots from the left and any democrat you can find, past or present. Individually or as a group.

But then, I’m no Republican and just use them as examples. To find real intelligence you have to look outside the monopoly of the bifactional ruling party.

Democrats are stupid. All of them except the ones that are corrupt. The dumbest ones rise to the fore because the evil ones don’t like attention. Diverting attention is left to the useful idiots.

The sick part is that they’re too stupid to be embarrassed.

Celebrating recklessness

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

So the African president of the USA has picked his nose and his first Supreme.

The Obamanots are out declaring that the beauty of this pick is that she’s a “great story.” She’s a single mother.

That’s laudatory? Really?

That’s irresponsible and wrong on a whole mess of levels. I’m a single father. The privilege cost me a whole bunch of money and I’m not proud of it. I am proud of my daughters. I can also point you to a number of my clients that aren’t all that happy with me. See, I made a choice. I prioritized and my kids come first. Most of the time, my clients don’t like it.

A single mother is probably a whore. There are exceptions. They’re the ones that just made really bad personal decisions.

A single mother that is already a Federal judge… She’s sold out her kids and she’s a whore.

This is what the African offers for a Supreme court judge. We’re supposed to cheer and celebrate her “life story.”