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Truly historic

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

This U.S. Presidential election has produced a number of firsts. The un-American Party came pretty close to nominating a woman for President and then chose a black man instead. That’s historic! Then we had a woman chosen for the vice-presidential nomination on a Republican ticket! (Apparently, that’s a crime to feminists and other leftist tyrant-wannabes.)

Now there’s this: Vin Suprynowicz is voting Republican. For those that don’t know, Vin is about as hard-core libertarian as it gets. He was, in fact, the vice-presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket in Nevada a few years ago when the LP – as they are wont to do – were fighting amongst themselves.

He’s also the assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (I’m constantly amazed that a man with such radical, pro-freedom, traditionally American views has managed to remain employed by a major newspaper for so long.)

I’ve learned a lot from reading what he writes. Not so much because he teaches me directly (though there are few that know history as well as Vin), but because he was courageous enough to speak out publicly with “radical” ideas such as those held by the founders of this nation. He reminded me that I’m not insane and I’m allowed to think for myself. It has encouraged me to do more of it.

He’s a hero to me and I think I probably agree with him on just about everything except that, last I knew, he’s an atheist. It’s astounding to me that I could find such common ground with an atheist. But he’s the exception that proves the rule – he’s actually reasonable and is truly a tolerant person.

I’ve already said too much. Vin has always been better at saying what I think – on government – than I am. Go read the words of a master thinker, great writer and true American patriot.