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What great men do with infomercials

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Nothing that Barack Obama has ever done demonstrates leadership.

Here’s where he seems to be taking his campaigning cues, even if he still hasn’t any sense about domestic or foreign policy. (Be warned: It’s a 28 minute long infomercial. I enjoyed the whole durn thing but that’s because I’m a political junkie with a particular affinity for American history.)

Nixon was a great man with weaknesses that led him to bad judgment. Obama’s a weak man with poor judgment and no sense. Watch and compare.

I dare ya.

Barack was right… once.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

You won’t often find me agreeing with Barack Obama. In this, I’m with him:

I agree. He’s absolutely right except for that part at the very end where he said, “I’m not one of those people.”

He didn’t lie. He said that he wasn’t the sort of person that would be comfortable running for President before serving “one day” in the Senate.

Apparently one hundred forty-three is the magic number for The Magic Negro.

When his lips are moving… he’s telling you how wonderful Barack is. I’m not even sure he always realizes he’s always talking about him. Somebody should get him a mirror. If he’s going to be an historic narcissist, he should at least have an opportunity to gaze on that beautiful visage like we’ve been forced to for 20 months.

I agree with Obama on another point: “I’m a believer in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job.”

Barack Obama is running for King of Obamistan. He wants to make the world in his image. He’s never done anything at all except promote Barack Obama for his entire life. What do you suppose he’ll do as President of the United States?

The only thing he knows how to do.

You cannot vote for Obama and claim to love America. Choose. Now.

Yes. I said it. I’ll stand by it and defend it all through his one failed term. Let me make it more clear: Americans do not vote for Obama.

If you would like to brag about voting for this racist, divisive, inexperienced demagogue, be prepared to defend your decision.

And please, please do. It will be great fun for all involved.

(Just keep in mind that 1) I’m not voting B- I’m not a McCain supporter Third: I’m not a conservative and ∆ = I’m not a racist so all such charges will be summarily dismissed.)

Speaking of traitors

Monday, October 20th, 2008

I’m a minority. I’ve never trusted Colin Powell. I’ve been of the opinion that he was a RINO for many years. That makes me a minority. So I’m protected by law regarding anything I say about that… dirty Jamaican, right?


He’s not actually an African-American but that doesn’t stop the left. Apparently, it won’t stop him either.

He declares that it’s not about race. Considering that everything Barack Obama stands for is an insult to what Colin risked his own life, and the lives of others for, he’s either lying now, or spent his entire life as a kiss-ass whore.

Neither is pretty. Judging by his UN performance just before he retired, I’d say it’s the latter. It’s truly unfortunate to watch an otherwise honorable man embarrass himself this way.

Colin Powell just flushed his reputation, his honor and his credibility. Because he’s a racist.

It looks to me like he kissed ass on one side and didn’t get what he was looking for, so he’s switching sides.

Either way, he’s done. You can only expose yourself as a whore once. Especially when you sell out your military brothers to do it.

On second thought… Wow. This is brilliant. That whore just guaranteed an appointment to Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State when Obama gets elected. He’s far, far smarter than the African-American running for president. Elect the Jamaican-American!

When black is white

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I’m lazy. This is another comment-reply to Morgan that became a post:

You mentioned that you admire the fact that Barry was a “community organizer” and then say he should distance himself from ACORN. He’s been trying to do that using his usual tactic of outright lying to downplay his long string of associations with anti-American hate groups.

You do understand that when he lists “community organizer” on his resume that he’s mainly talking about his work with ACORN, right? He didn’t just fund them with millions of foundation money back then. He also worked as a trainer for their terrorists and as their lawyer. He also hired them to commit this particular vote fraud with $832,000 of his presidential campaign money. For the sake of both sides, that was filtered through a front group to try to hide it.

You can’t decry ACORN as “reprehensible” – your word – and also separate them from Barack Obama. HE IS ACORN.

And vote fraud isn’t their greatest crime – only the most recent; they (and Barack) are directly responsible for the current mortgage crisis. They were originally founded by the self-professed America hating Marxist Saul Alinsky to “fight” for “welfare rights.” When they won that socialist battle, they moved on to “fair lending practices.” Their idea of “community organizing” there was to get a large enough group of people to fill the entire lobby of a local bank – so that legitimate customers, y’know, with JOBS and MONEY, couldn’t get in – until the bank relented and loosened lending standards.

Eventually, they hit a wall there because the banks could only give so much without going broke. Enter Barry Obama: He provided them with millions of dollars to hire D.C. lobbyists so that they could buy Barney Frank, Chris Dodd – and later Barry himself – to get Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy these high risk loans from the local banks. With zero risk and a very expensive downside from the socialist pressure, the banks were free to go stupid. After all, “the taxpayers” would guarantee all these racist and ridiculously insolvent loans.

Another way they did it was by using “fair lending” regulations to challenge any bank merger or acquisition on charges of racism, requiring the banks to provide more “minority” loans in order to get government approval for their mergers and acquisitions. (Socialists are racist because it’s a convenient weapon for them. Banks aren’t; they only see green.)

When they were done, it was possible to actually get a mortgage not only without a down payment, but without a job, listing welfare and food stamps as “income” on a mortgage credit application.

The default rate on those mortgages was rather high. Shocking, isn’t it?

It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

Barack Obama is the most skilled demagogue that has ever lived.

It’s been said that government is a disease masquerading as it’s own cure.

Barry will fit right in.

It’s like this was what he was born – in Kenya – to do. (Where is that birth certificate and what’s with all the lawyers stalling the law suits?) His mommy wife is calling Kenya to threaten news agencies over it.

It’s the Clintons x2. Obama probably will be president next year and the scandals have only just begun. He’s spent most of his campaign dodging and covering up. Just wait until he’s in the White House.

Why is it that Democrats can only get criminals and traitors elected president? Al Gore’s an idiot, but he’s almost honest most of the time. John Kerry’s an ignorant snob, but he’s not a trai… wait. Never mind on that one.

One last thing: I watched an hour long interview with Nancy Pelosi on the Charlie Rose show a few nights ago. Democrats have no right to say ANYTHING about Sarah Palin. Rose is a leftist (but generally hides it well and comes off as unbiased). He did his best to help her not look stupid. He failed because the vortex of ignorance there was too great for his skills. If Palin ever got a fair shake from the press it would be a miracle. Charlie was interrupting Nancy to try to keep her from looking stupid and it wasn’t enough. He was feeding her words because she was like a deer in headlights.

I dare you to watch it and then defend the media treatment of Sarah Palin. If Pelosi didn’t have a staff feeding her talking points, she wouldn’t be able to find her way home when the sun goes down.

That broad has the terminal dumb and can’t brain. Can we trust her to be two heartbeats from the presidency? Can we trust her with a Democrat hardcore socialist in the White House?

Dancing with dirty hippies

Monday, October 13th, 2008

I really did mean it when I said that I love Morgan. More than anything, I love her because we can disagree … strongly, to say the least … but both still see an individual – a person – when it’s over. She also laughs at herself and can take a joke. Two very clear, early signs of a sane person in a world gone mad.

Recently, we’ve had a tussle over the election. She responded to someone she thought was me, point by point. I think she mistook me for Sean Hannity. (If only I was that cute and had that kinda money. With my intelligence instead of his stupidity … Just, damn. I’d own the world.) She put words in my mouth and did some fierce battle with strawmen using talking points.

I intended to respond, but like most greedy, racist capitalists, I have money to steal from the mouths of poor, black inner-city children named Barack. It’s hard work and if I don’t do it, who will? So I haven’t found the time to respond to her DNC talking points, pivots and distortions one at a time.

This is my penance. (Wherein I come close.)

I’m not voting but I find the pursuit of power fascinating. So I’m a political junkie. I consider it an enemy watch. Seems like she does too.

Even though I think we’re friends, it seems like she has different enemies than me.

Anyway, I posted a very long comment on her blog and then realized it should be posted here. I didn’t intend it to be a blog post, but it became one and being a filthy, stingy, greedy capitalist, I couldn’t let her get all the profit from it.

If you want context, click the link above and pay Morgan’s pimp Google to see her post and the video. Here’s my comment, copy and paste:

Trojan Moose? No kidding?

Ever heard of ACORN or The New Party? (Google ‘em.)

Can I say Trojan Negro without being called a racist? Not likely.

I have no dog in this fight. I’m not voting and I’m not a McCain supporter in the least. In fact, you should also know that I’ve never voted for W and resent the fact that I keep getting forced to defend him- when I don’t agree with him or his policies – by the irrational, retarded, illogical hatred from the hard-core left.

I loved that video and it made me love Sarah and Todd even more. I hang out with people like that and I seek them out.

I cling bitterly to my guns and religion because George W. Bush failed me. (Apparently. That’s what Barry Hussein, the DNC and their chatterboxes all over the TV tell me.)

Do you people ever get out of the circle-jerk long enough to see sunshine?

I refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, too. Unlike your ridiculous atheist friends I refuse to say it not because because it mentions God but because it declares allegiance to a nation that is “indivisible.”

The correct side lost The War for Independence and Lincoln overthrew America. (It was also never about slavery because Lincoln himself was a horrible racist, promised he would never interfere with the slave trade and never did anything to help slaves. But I digress.)

If the original ratifiers of The Constitution had not believed that they were joining a free Union that they could freely leave at any time, there never would have been a united States of America. (Capitalization, or lack thereof, is intentional.)

Every state has the right to secede any time the people of that state so choose. Apparently, they just don’t have the power. Anymore. Thanks to Lincoln.

This is the difference between you and me. I’m a sovereign individual that respects others as individuals.

You prefer the comfort that comes from large groups that can afford to hire others to commit violence on their behalf. So they can remain comfortable and not have to mess up their nails or, y’know, actually see all that icky bloodshed.

Government IS violence. I won’t vote for McCain because he wants more of it. I most certainly won’t vote for Obama because he loves it even more than John.

They seem to differ only on the specifics of where it should be used- mainly – at home or abroad.

And please rid yourself of any notion that I’m a “conservative.” It’s not true and that thinking only confuses you while attempting to understand me.

(“Could you please get that gun out of my face? No, it’s not a racial thing, Senator Obama. I have no problem at all with the color of your skin. It’s the gun you’re pointing at me with which I’m concerned. If you could figure out how to show me the same respect I’m showing you we can avoid a fight.”)