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Poker is life. Life is poker.

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Poker 101

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

When I started this blog, the motto here was “Poker is life. Life is poker.” There’s great wisdom in that so I’m changing it back. I’m pretty sure I said here in the past that if you don’t know poker, you’re probably not very good at life. Or something like that.

Among the many life lessons that poker teaches is this: “No single hand defines the game. It’s not over until every other player is busted. All it takes is a chip and a chair.”

Full Tilt commercials have made it a bit cliche, but like nearly every other cliche, this one is true: “It’s about patience and well-timed aggression.”

They’re talking about poker but it applies to life as well.

I just won another poker tournament. When it came down to heads up play, the other guy started whining about how lucky I am. Shortly after, I made a tough lay down where I’m pretty sure I had the best hand but it wasn’t worth the gamble. He responded with, “awwwww! Your luck run out?”

That’s when I knew I had him. I made a few more tough lay downs. Then, playing 7 Stud Hi (it was a HORSE tournament), I called him on the end with nothing but a pair of treys. He was showing a pair of deuces with a King and had bet into me on every street. I won the hand.

Then I said, “Was that luck, too or did you just get out-played?”

He never said another word and shortly after that, I busted him to win the tournament.

Life works exactly like that. Trust your read. Make the hard lay downs and the hard calls and you’ll win every time. Most important: Don’t let the obnoxious clowns and their stupid play move you off your game.