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Welcome to the circus (where’s my bread?)

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Do you really think these clowns have any clue how to “run a country?”

McCain’s no prize and I won’t be voting because there’s nobody to vote for, but I dare you to read all of this and then try to defend either the idea of democracy or that anybody that subscribes to it has any semblance of understanding about the real world and management of anything in it.

Democrats are ignorant. Every, single, last one of them. The first proof of that is that they would participate in a party that espouses a political philosophy proven to be ineffective – to say the least – centuries ago. They’re feckless retards with no understanding of history – either world or American. They also tend to have little understanding of anything else. It’s dumb with the capital D. All of ‘em. Donkeys indeed.

They’re also incapable of anything that looks like organization or management. Maybe that’s why they’re all pro-union and are constantly working at looking like they understand “the working man.”

Feminism writ large

Monday, March 10th, 2008

This would be funny if it weren’t about a contest for “leader of the free world.”

I’m no fan of feminism but I’m also no sexist. I personally believe that women are inherently stronger then men in most ways and capable of almost anything. But I also believe that 40+ years of feminism in this country has deterioriated the character of women even more than the damage its done to men. (Proverbs 31 has an outline on proper femininity if any of you need a refresher course.)

Hillary Rodman is a perfect example of the mess feminism has made. She’s incompetent and pathetic. She’s a spoiled, suburban, upper-middle class little girl that is chasing her Barbie dreams with an immature and childish sense of entitlement.

She’s surrounded herself for decades with sycophantic womyn just like her. (I include both Bill Rodman-Clinton and Mark Penn in that category.) The result is chaos and disorder everywhere she goes and in everything she does. None of them have a single clue about anything that matters and not a one of them cares about anything but their own childish, petty desire for control.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s her new campaign manager:

“You may not like the person next to you,” Ms. Williams told dozens of aides who ringed the conference room at the campaign’s Virginia headquarters last month, according to participants. “But you’re going to respect them. And we’re going to work together.”


What ya got backing that up, Sally Big Britches? We all know you’re afraid of guns.

God help us if that monster manages to conjure public tears enough times to get control of the White House. Billy’s eight embarrassing years will become like a reflection on American pride in comparison.