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Pretending you matter

February 26th, 2008

teresa bacon asked:

why do you bother with polotics at all if you feel the way you do?

It has nothing to do with how I “feel,” teresa. It’s about reality. The answer to your silly question, as I stated in a previous comment, is that it’s great sport. Just because I’m neither a Giants or Patriots fan and I had no control over the outcome of the game doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the Super Bowl.

The rest of you super-fans can go ahead and paint your faces, make your poster board signs, wave your foam fingers and be sure to vote. Whatever makes you feel like you’re participating in something you have nothing to do with.

There hasn’t been an honestly elected president in this country since at least 1984. There were also many rigged elections prior to that. But now the system is structured in a way that makes it inherently dishonest and corrupt.

Voting is for rubes and dupes. It’s bread and circuses.

I briefly considered re-registering this year so that I could vote for Ron Paul. In the end, I decided against it because I realized that the only real effect it would have is putting me on the list for jury duty – another American institution that has been gutted and turned into a useless sham.

There used to be four boxes that could be used to effect change: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. The second and third have been rendered powerless by the ruthless overlords.

UPDATE: Speaking of the soap box, apparently The Onion’s now taking ideas from my blog posts. Check this out.

4 Responses to “Pretending you matter”

  1. Politics.

    With an “i”.

    Sorry, I’m just a spelling nazi.

  2. baxtrice, my dear, I understand. I debated for quite some time before posting this about whether I should add a [sic] in there. I decided it was just too pretentious, especially considering that the quote is copied directly from a comment on the immediately previous post.

    The whole inspiration for the follow up post was that very misspelling.

    This is the face of those who think voting matters. Thank God the system is a sham. If it was legit, people like “teresa bacon” would be choosing our leaders.

  3. Actually, it just screams “Troll” to me. Anyway, with a name like Bacon, I don’t have to ridicule her, the bullies have it all taken care of. :)

  4. There hasn’t been an honestly elected president in this country since at least 1984.

    It seems especially blatant in this election. Do you personally know any Republicans who were chomping at the bit to vote for John McAmnesty? It almost seems like he was handed the nomination rather than having earned it. …but then, I am prone to hallucinations.