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Pretending you matter

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

teresa bacon asked:

why do you bother with polotics at all if you feel the way you do?

It has nothing to do with how I “feel,” teresa. It’s about reality. The answer to your silly question, as I stated in a previous comment, is that it’s great sport. Just because I’m neither a Giants or Patriots fan and I had no control over the outcome of the game doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the Super Bowl.

The rest of you super-fans can go ahead and paint your faces, make your poster board signs, wave your foam fingers and be sure to vote. Whatever makes you feel like you’re participating in something you have nothing to do with.

There hasn’t been an honestly elected president in this country since at least 1984. There were also many rigged elections prior to that. But now the system is structured in a way that makes it inherently dishonest and corrupt.

Voting is for rubes and dupes. It’s bread and circuses.

I briefly considered re-registering this year so that I could vote for Ron Paul. In the end, I decided against it because I realized that the only real effect it would have is putting me on the list for jury duty – another American institution that has been gutted and turned into a useless sham.

There used to be four boxes that could be used to effect change: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. The second and third have been rendered powerless by the ruthless overlords.

UPDATE: Speaking of the soap box, apparently The Onion’s now taking ideas from my blog posts. Check this out.

Demagoguery as an art

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

It seems that “a prominent civil rights leader” is now claiming that Hillary’s lawless wins in Florida and Michigan will “disenfranchise” minorities if they are not included.

Let’s be clear right up front that I have no dog in this fight. I’m not voting – and haven’t for a while – because I refuse to be a part of this nonsense. I’m also not a Democrat and have never, ever cast a vote for a Democrat. (Like our Founding Fathers, I don’t even believe in the failed and fraudulent concept of democracy.)

I also haven’t cast a Republican vote in nearly two decades. I point out these facts to help you understand that I’m simply an observer. You may disagree, but I think it makes me uniquely qualified to opine with what I’m about to write.

The Democrat Party is institutionally racist and always has been. (Check the history. This is not debatable.) Hill-Billy Clintons have risen to power in this party because they are the most racist politicians it has fostered in decades. They may be the most racist since Senator Robert Byrd. Bob Byrd was lynching black people. By the time the Clintons came along they had refined the art so well that Bill Clinton was referred to, by blacks, as the first black president.

I find it fascinating that they can get Julian Bond, himself a demagogue, to write a letter of recommendation for Hillary to the DNC. Not only that, it’s a letter asking the DNC to now amend their pre-established and published rules to help Hillary steal what, most likely, rightfully belongs to a black man.

Julian Bond’s letter is despicable on so many levels that I don’t know where to start. What organization does he represent again?

I sure hope that others in the Democrat party aren’t as gullible – or bought – as Mr. Bond.

I’m no fan of Barack Obama. I disagree with him on everything that is substantive. But he really does have the chance to be the first black man ever to rise to the presidency and where do we find his opposition?

The Clintons and their plantation negroes. How are they principally doing it? By trying to re-negotiate the rules after the fact. Do you want yet another president with open contempt for the rule of law?

The Republicans have apparently decided not to field a serious candidate this year. The popular momentum among the Democrats is behind Obama.

If he’s not sworn in next January, it will be because the racist Clinton machine and their slaves have redefined the word “is” again. How do you split the “black vote” that Democrats have always counted on? If anyone can find a way, it will be those godless racists named Clinton.

I’m praying for the first black president in this nation’s history because, at this point, it would be the best possible outcome. I won’t be voting because there’s no one in this race I can support and I don’t vote for evil anymore. I stopped voting against candidates many, many years ago.

For the record, I disagree with all of Obama’s policies, but he’s the Democrat version of Reagan and the Republicans have obviously given up. The only thing that prevents the inevitability of an Obama presidency at this point is The Racist Clinton Machine.

You can be assured the battle will be ugly, filthy and embarrassing for our country because that’s how the Clintons do things. They never win but they seem to always prevail.

Need a beer while I’m up? I’ll grab the popcorn, too.

Scientific breakthrough!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Outer space has a smell! Not only that but it’s “a rather pleasant sweet metallic sensation.” (I didn’t read the article or even check where the link went – that would violate The Slashdot Way – but I’ll bet you an authentic Lincoln Three Dollar Bill that the article was written by a Brit.)

(UPDATE: I was wrong. This particular idiot was born in Oregon. He must have picked up the brain-rot in college. It’s common there. I suspect it’s even infectious judging by the way it spreads on every campus.)

Thank Holy St. Darwin of the Galapagos for Science! This is such a relief to me. For years I’ve feared that outer space had no scent and that the hippies might get there first. Too much of the earth already reeks of that wretched Patchouli.

I seem to recall that a few years ago some fellers went out there. Come to think of it, I believe a lot of people have been out there. Of course, now that I’m being forced to think about it, none of them would have known how nice “outer space” smelled because they were all wearin’ them durn space helmets so they could breathe and what not.

That’s an unfortunate complication.

I’m the one using the “blind faith” to understand the world, right?

Just doing a “sound” check, so to speak. I just want to make sure I still have my bearings after “science” has discovered that outer space smells pleasant. And metallic. (What does metal smell like again? Oh. Nevermind. I remember now. I just found it on a website selling candles, thankfully.)

As a parting thought I need to reveal to you that one does not equal one. It’s just really, really close. A very highly educated mathematician I know told me that he once proved that. So it must be true.

Clarifying for Eaglewood

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I started to reply in comments and realized this was a follow-up post. I’m sorry, Eaglewood. I truly do love you like a brother and I’m not picking on you. Just the opposite. You challenge me and give me an opportunity to address the issues that I started this blog to deal with. I know I’ve done this to you before, but it’s not personal and I’m not attacking you. You simply give me great opportunities to make my point.

I’m grateful for that. Seriously. I truly say that in love.

Eaglewood said:


I am glad to see you posting again. I know we have had our differences in the past and we will probably have some here as well, but I want to agree with you first. Kirk and friends are doing things the wrong way. Scaring people does nothing but scare them away. I will even agree with you and the third commandment. But where we part company here is on whether or not the ten commandments are now two. I know what you are referencing here and it comes from the Pharisees attempting to trip up Yeshua in asking him what the greatest commandment was. He summed up the ten commandments into two. He did not say that they replaced the ten or that what he said negated them in any was as part of the Law. Yeshua himself said that He came to fulfil the Law not to destroy it. Also by saying the ten are now the two you are in danger of making the claim that He has changed when he has specifically said he is the same past, present, or future.

We are all guilty of trying to put Him into a box that fits our comfort level. I know we have discussed this before and I know where you stand but others may not. There is a great danger when we simply approach Him from one angle and only discuss one aspect of Him. Love is only one aspect, He is Holy, Righteous, and The Great I AM. He has more facets then we as mere mortals could even begin to comprehend. You know there have been times that I needed Him to be Daddy, but I have never forgotten that he is the all-powerful creator of the universe and is more than worthy of my total worshipful adoration.

I get all that. I don’t think we differ all that much on theology. Where we differ (and where I have a problem with Ray and Kirk) is on focus.

We have been sent to seek the lost. Our Father, and His first begotten son (not only) have never done it by pointing out to people that they’re sinners and need a savior. They do it by simply being available when the sinner realizes that.

The law is flawed and never was intended to be anything more than a way to show us our need for a savior. But you can’t start there with the unsaved.

“It is the goodness of the Lord that brings a man to repentance.”

How many times do I have to quote that before people start believing The Bible and paying attention to what Jesus said? (Yes, I know Jesus didn’t literally say those words. That was written by Paul in Romans 2 and I’ve paraphrased it, too. I suggest you read it in context before you get back to me.)

They will know us by our love. Religion is a gigantic distraction from our Father’s love and the only thing our enemy has ever done well. Ray and Kirk are just two of many that missed the point and gotten caught in the trap. Some times you talk like one, too. That’s not an insult. I grew up in it. I understand.

It’s a lie.

He cares not a whit about rules. He really honestly doesn’t. Living a life with Him is never, ever about the house rules. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about people. That’s it. He’s about nothing but Love, people and connecting the two. All that stuff you say about His Holiness and Righteousness and all that – it’s all true because it’s describing who He IS. It doesn’t describe how He ACTS. First Corinthians 13 and First John 4 do that. (Pair those up and try to reconcile it with what religion has taught you. If you’re not convinced when you’re done with that, call me; I have more ammo.)

He’s not asking you to obey anything! He just doesn’t. Ever. Do. That. That’s religion that does that. He just wants you to get to know Him and spend some time with Him now and then. Everything else will grow out of that relationship. You can’t start at the end. That’s what religion does. You can’t keep any commandments without Him. With Him, you want to and He’ll teach you how.

You said:

Love is only one aspect, He is Holy, Righteous, and The Great I AM. He has more facets then we as mere mortals could even begin to comprehend. You know there have been times that I needed Him to be Daddy, but I have never forgotten that he is the all-powerful creator of the universe and is more than worthy of my total worshipful adoration.

You missed it in the first five words there. You cannot possibly say that “love is only one aspect” when He said that He IS Love! Can I make that little word anymore powerful in any way in this medium? How big, how bold do I need to make it before you give up your religion and realize that He’s not enforcing rules? He doesn’t need you to keep apologizing for His alleged contradictions. He simply needs for you to represent Him accurately to the lost.

I couldn’t help but think when I read what you wrote there, “You haven’t begun to touch worship because you’re still playing with the religious ideas that were designed to keep you from actually knowing Him.”

He doesn’t demand or require worship! He recommends it because it’s good for us and He IS Love. I don’t worship Him because He requires it. I worship Him because He’s worthy. When I got to know Him, it was a natural response. Do you see the difference?

Lemme put it another way – I thought I was worshiping Him for years because I grew up in church, I was “saved” when I was six years old and preaching at eight. It’s what I was taught. Much later in my life, I actually got to know Him on a personal level. When that happened, everything changed. I don’t worship Him because I feel like I have to or because He demands it. I worship Him because knowing Him inspires it. It’s the only natural response to His Love.

Getting back to the point: Knock it off with the religion and the rules. That’s not what He’s about. He just Loves you. He just Loves “them.” He is love and He’s patiently waiting for you to get past your religious contamination so that you can get to know Him.

While you’re arguing over the rules of your doctrine and having “theological” debates over scripture with people like me, people are going to Hell because they don’t know what He’s really like. They’ve been sold a lie about Him. I would reject the God most churches teach, too. That god is unreasonable, irrational, obnoxious and demanding.

Fortunately, that’s not who He is. He’s peace. He’s love. He’s joy. He’s my Daddy. And He’s looking to grow the family. Everyone is welcome.

UPDATE: Upon re-reading this, I realized that I was unfair to eaglewood. It was merely sloppiness but that doesn’t excuse it. Much of what I said was not directed at him personally but at the religious ideas he raised and I was addressing.

Breaking the Third Commandment

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Brace yourself for a minute or thirty. I’m about to rant.

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have a weekly program. You know Kirk. He was Mike Seaver!

Those two just need to back it down and knock it off until they figure it out. It’s unfortunate.

So here’s an open letter to Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort:

Bring that stupidity at me and I’ll patiently tell you where you’re wrong. Yes, I know about First Corinthians 13. I love you. Right motivations don’t make right tactics.

You’re doing it wrong. Please stop. You’re making atheists as fast as you’re making Christians.

You’re interviewing people on the street and leading them into admitting that they’ve broken some of “The Big Fancy Ten Commandments.”

The ten are dead. There’s only two now. I’ve watched you explain where I’m wrong there and I’m not convinced. YOU are wrong. Pathetically so. You’re not arguing with me on that one, you’re arguing with Jesus.

Please stop beating people over the head with The Law. Read the book of Galatians a couple of more times before you quote Paul to try to tell me that EVEN Paul respected the law. (You should start at the beginning and make sure you get to Chapter 3, verse 1 where he said, “O, foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?”)

Your intentions are good and pure. I have no problem believing that. But you’re leading people to believe that the Daddy I know personally is willing to send them to eternal punishment in an eternal Hell over a misunderstanding.

I understand that your religion teaches that, but you obviously don’t know Him. You’re also probably going to be quite surprised just about every day for the first couple thousand years when you get home. There’s a lot of people there you’re not expecting to see.

That’s not what He’s like at all.

Getting to the point: His name is not “God” so you don’t have to spell that word out when you ask someone a leading question about whether they have ever “taken” His Name “in vain.”

That’s what YOU are doing. It’s also what you’re doing wrong. He’s not a judge that decides. He’s not a tyrant that demands obedience. He’s not a narcissist that requires you to kiss His ass.

He’s a loving Father. He invented both of those concepts (loving and Father). Speaking of which, have you ever called any man “Father?” I ask because Jesus said (check it – these words are red in your Bible), “Call no man Father.”

Do you consider that breaking a commandment?

Have I ever taken His name in vain? Nope. Not one single time. I’ve said, “My God” many times. In the old days I even used to say “goddamn.” I don’t anymore but even that’s not taking His Name in vain. His Name is not “God.” (I’ve stopped saying “goddamn” because now I’m much more careful about using the word, “damn.”)

Let’s analyze the phrase. What does “in vain,” mean? The word “vain” means:

1) Not yielding the desired outcome; fruitless
2) Lacking substance or worth

How would you go about taking His Name in vain? I would suggest that you check those definitions when considering what it is you do. I think both definitions have application to what you’re doing if you actually believe that His Name is “God.”

It might also be interesting for you to note that He said that to Moses. It just so happens that at that time, Moses was also the only human that had ever lived that actually knew His Name. Re-reading the story of Moses’ life makes it clear that there’s certainly life giving power in That Name.

It’s unlikely that you know His Name. I’m not boasting. I couldn’t possibly boast about that. Many people know His Name. I’m not special. I rarely utter it and when I do I get chills. There’s power in That Name. It’s even more humbling when I realize that He’s my Daddy and He loves me with The Love that invented Love.

And He gave me His Name. I’m a blessed man just to know Him even if I was going to Hell. With Him, all the rest is gravy. The gravy is good. He adopted me and treats me like an only child. He is Love and Perfection and Peace and …. My Daddy.

Until you figure out His Name, I would suggest that you resort to the description He used for Himself in First John: He is Love.

Please stop trying to threaten and scare people into serving Him. I appreciate and understand your zeal, but it’s damaging. I spend much of my time in ministry apologizing for people like you.

You’re misrepresenting him.

He’s not a terrorist. He’s Love.


Another Undeserving Child of the King

I need to add a footnote because I know I have some very valuable friends that disagree with me on some of this. I respect you because I know you’re showing respect to Him. I’ll never have a problem with that. But when Ray Comfort is ambushing people on the street and asking them, “Have you ever said, “My gee-o-dee,” and then using that to convince them that it means they’ve broken a commandment so thus they need a savior, he’s not only not representing the God I serve, he’s giving me headaches.

Also, His Name is not a secret but it has been hidden. If you don’t know Hebrew, you don’t His Name. If you do know Hebrew, you still might not. It’s worth finding out. If you don’t understand why it matters, read the end of Psalm 91 again.