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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I was tagged

I don’t normally play these games, but…

  • I like this guy. He makes me laugh.
  • I haven’t updated this blog in a while.
  • This one’s open – no specific questions – just 8 odd facts.

I can do that. Buckle up. Here we go…

Wait. They have to be odd and they have to be factual? Maybe this is harder than I thought. Either/or is easy. Odd and factual both is a challenge.

  1. Despite what my critics would like to believe, I really am a “digital cowboy”. I live on a working ranch and make my main living – for now – doing web development.
  2. At the moment, I’m a single father of two young daughters. Not only did I choose them, I flushed the rest of my life at the time and spent tens of thousands to “achieve” it. (And I have no regrets. Nothing has ever cost me more or been a bigger bargain.)
  3. I taught myself to program on an Apple IIc in 1983.
  4. I escaped lower middle class without college degrees. I currently own two businesses and I’m developing a third. I’ve never been in a college class.
  5. My IQ qualifies me for – at the very least – Mensa but I’m not a member because I’m not impressed.
  6. I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. This is putting it a bit lightly for the purposes of public consumption. If you have a quibble, it’s you… or more likely, the stupid religion that messed you up.
  7. I fear nothing.
  8. I have a craving to experience the best of everything this life has to offer. I’ve experienced much of it and found it lacking. I’ve come back to biblical principles and Kingdom life as aspirations.
  9. There. That’s eight. I don’t know if they’re all odd, but they’re all factual. That’s me in eight easy points.

    No, wait. Here’s a ninth, bonus one. I want you to have the whole picture.

  10. I’m a true, pure anarchist. I have no need or use for government and I believe that’s true for most rational, decent people. Men were never intended, nor are they capable of, ruling over other men. All government is then unethical and immoral. Irrational, indecent people would be subjugated by force as opposed to the current system that works in the opposite, where the worst among us are elevated to authority – the only currently “justified” use of unprovoked force. Anyone who seeks to rule over others is fundamentally evil simply because they seek permission to use unprovoked violent force. Thus, all government is a perversion of natural order.