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Where’s the line for handouts?

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

It’s official. I’m a minority. Of course, only the dimwits at the NY Times could print something this logically ridiculous and call it “journalism”:

Minorities constitute a majority in four states: Hawaii (75 percent), New Mexico (57 percent), California (57 percent) and Texas (52 percent).

So, then. Minorities are a majority, huh? Now that I’m part of a minority group in Texas I just want to know where to get my card showing that I’m in a protected group so I can start getting the special treatment I so richly deserve.

I just thought of something else… the race pimps like to say you can’t be a racist if you’re a minority. So I have a license to say any insensitive thing I want to now and be as irresponsible as I want and no one can criticise me for anything.

Whee! This is gonna be fun!