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Where do you find the time?

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

I’ve dealt with this before but I’ll never understand. You have a few hundred channels of TV and millions of web sites to entertain you. Why would you take the time to post a comment like this on an obscure blog like this’n'?

I made the mistake of wasting about 4 precious minutes reading several of your blatherings.

That’s just very, very sad.

So, to that pathetic soul and all the rest like him: pull the gun out of your mouth and read this, my response:

I seriously doubt that your minutes are that precious and I never asked for them. Did you learn anything from your “mistake?”

I doubt that you did. I suspect you reached for the keyboard to post your useless whining when you should have been reaching for the mouse to click on “The Living Word” in the category list. That stuff matters.

I do “blather” sometimes. It’s my site and I don’t write all of it for you. A whole lot of the time I write just for me and, in all cases, I don’t much care if you read it, much less what you think of it. Post a criticism if it makes you feel better. I’ll probably read it. There’s much longer odds against me caring about your opinion.

This might surprise you, but I picked a cigarette butt out of horse manure a few hours ago and cared more about getting it picked up and to the trash can than I do about making you happy.

A wise man would recognize that even I don’t agree with everything I’ve posted here. I’m completely honest and usually transparent. Most folks have been pretending, lying and surrounded by liars for so long that they don’t even know how to deal with an honest man. You’re not the first that missed it with me.

If you’re interested, I would suggest you try again. If you’re lazy and stupid, just go away.

It’s not a game

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

I only need look at my daughters sleeping to realize that. The stakes are too high to view life as a game.

If you have advice for raising and educating them, I’ll listen. Just don’t be offended if I completely dismiss your advice. It’s highly unlikely that you have anything to say that I haven’t already heard and/or considered. I’m extreme and I won’t apologize for it.

“Chutes & Ladders” doesn’t even get my approval. (That game teaches that doing “good” rewards you and doing “bad” gets you punished. Worse still, it’s all by random chance. Sound familiar? That’s what many churches teach and it’s evil. If you believe any of that you’re very deceived.) Also, I almost never let them watch the Disney channel. Don’t get me started on Disney.

Those are just a couple of examples.

Besides, we don’t need “Chutes & Ladders” because they’re both getting pretty good at Hold ‘em and prefer it. I think I can probably start teaching them 7 stud and Omaha in a few months. Those are games that will teach them something valuable (and true) about life.

Call me crazy if it makes you feel better, but I tend to believe that anything that undermines the Word of God and the traditional definition of family is unhealthy. If you don’t like that, I’ll smile and nod and pray for you and take comfort knowing that someday your kids will probably be working for mine.

The world is sick and that sickness is both subtle and creeping.

I’ve been charged to protect them and I intend to do it. I would humbly suggest that you not get in the way as I do. And the next time you’re tempted to think that you know better than I do how they should be handled, take a deep breath and consider that I’m willing to die for them. Then ask yourself if you are.

Pushing limits

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Eaglewood asked if I had backed down from criticizing Microsoft because they had pushed me. I wish I was that important. No one at Microsoft knows who I am. What follows is a slightly enhanced version of a comment on the last post in which I responded to Eaglewood. I’ve copied it here because I want to be sure that everyone who reads here sees it:

No, Eaglewood. Even if Microsoft did come at me, I wouldn’t back down. I took it down because there were people, whose opinions matter to me, that took it differently than I intended it. Also, it not only could be, but was, misconstrued. I take all of the blame.

It was written in frustration and after rereading it, I realized that it was over the top of the obnoxious peak, even for me. (That’s saying something.)

I’ll never stop criticizing Microsoft and I’ll be ruthless with them. Microsoft has set the personal computer industry back by decades with their incompetence and greed. They are a huge drag on the U.S. economy. I despise everything they’ve ever produced and I think they should all go get real jobs that utilize their skills. (For Ballmer and Gates I would suggest sending resumes to Tony Soprano since it’s clear that neither of them know anything about technology except how to steal it, usually with intimidation and/or force.) As a company, they are parasites. That’s not surprising; any organization always takes on the character of its leader. Be sure to let me know when Bill Gates actually earns anything.

But that post was, quite unintentionally, offensive to decent people that matter to me.

Incidentally, in over 15 months blogging and nearly 375 posts, that is the first time I’ve ever removed one. There have been many I’ve regretted and a few of those could actually cause me legal problems. I’ve never removed them. My general philosophy is, “Once you publish, it cannot be unpublished.”

But this was different. It was personal and removing it was part of my way of apologizing for being too crass for even me.