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Comic book guy says…

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Worst. Murder. Ever.

I just finished reading WND’s summation of the Terri Schiavo travesty. As I previously admitted, I’ve been following the story for years, but only half-heartedly.

After reading all of just the high-points, I have to say, I’m far more appalled. Michael Schiavo is a monster and a moron. Salvation is available to all, but only with repentance, murderer. He beat the woman for years and then had the audacity (or is it stupidity) to call her father first on the night he originally tried to kill her. What kind of a man finds his wife allegedly face down and unconscious in the hall way at 4:30 a.m. and calls her father before calling 911?

He then spent years suing for malpractice and used the proceeds from that (probably fraudulent) lawsuit to pay lawyers to help him finish the job. It’s really, really sick that he’s succeeding. It’s pathetic that he’s such an incompetent murderer. If you can’t do the job, don’t try.

The worst part is, because of judicial tyranny in this country, his incompetence allowed him to get away with it.

I’ve read credible statements elsewhere that he melted down her wedding and engagement rings and had a diamond ring made for himself. I don’t know if that’s true. It’s been asserted that it’s part of court records but I don’t care to spend the time researching it because it’s believable. It fits with the facts that I do know are true.

Michael Schiavo, George Felos and everyone else associated with their side in this “legal” murder all have a special place reserved for them in hell unless they repent.

This is evil on display, brought to you by government. You might be next, dear subject.

The big question for me now, is how long will it be after her death and his multi-million dollar book and movie deals will he be charged with assault for beating his new wife? Or murder when he beats her to death? Nah. Nevermind. He’s already demonstrated that even with the intent, he’s not capable of that without the help of judges. It’s not really a question of if.

How can you be both evil and incompetent? That’s beyond pathetic.

Dispelling myths for almost 2 months

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Elena, dear, I love you and I’m not picking on you. I’m really not. As I said in this post, I’m not attacking people, I’m attacking the things that deceive them.

Being compelled in worship to bend the knee or to bow down is scriptural (see Psalm 95:6 and Jesus’ “confrontation” with the guards in the garden of Gethsemane in John 18:3-6). Being “slain” is likely not.

I can show it to you biblically but I’m not inclined to do the research at 3 in the morning. I’ll do a post on it soon. In the meantime, let me give you anecdotal, personal testimony. I’ve experienced it more than once. You can read “it” there to mean the anointing so strong I was knocked down and could not stand. I can assure you that when a well-trained alpha male is laying on the floor quite unexpectedly and feels physical pressure on his chest keeping him there while he worships God, it’s neither emotionalism or satanic. It sure isn’t fake. I’ve never had an anointed man of God “push me down.” I have been literally knocked down by the power of Holy Spirit more than once. ( I should note that Holy Spirit is a gentleman; in each case I had the power to override Him and stand but not the desire. That’s the definition of submission.)

I have read other comments from Christians who have done biblical research and “field” research (observing in churches) that much of the behavior attributed to the Holy Spirit is actually learned behavior—the babbling speech, the raising of hands, the falling onto the floor. One such commenter said that he didn’t think everything in the Pentecostal or Charismatic churches is bad. Some of what is going on may truly be of the Holy Spirit. I’d say that if a person’s life shows growing development of fruit, particular the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit, then likely the filling of the indwelling Holy Spirit is taking place—but it’s not just a one-time deal.

The infilling of the Holy Spirit is most definitely scriptural and a “one-time deal” (in the sense that it’s an eternally life changing event, in the same way as being born again) and I have nothing but contempt for the spirit that motivates religious people doing “field research” into how the Spirit of God chooses to operate. I would strongly suggest that you quickly begin to ignore everything they say. They may be “Christians” but they are deceived and on an ill-conceived and dangerous mission that will only yield truth if Holy Spirit intervenes with them personally. (Possible, but not likely; they’re most likely not really seeking Him and He’s a gentleman.) You just described everything I despise about religion. The Bible says “seek and you shall find.” It doesn’t say anything about “field research” or “observation.” Those people are “observing” something about which they have no understanding, when they should be seeking Him for the answers to their questions. I suspect they didn’t start with questions and went out seeking confirmation of their answers. They’re wrong. And I speak in tongues, too. Boo! It certainly is learned behavior and I learned it from the Holy Spirit.

From my understanding, the Holy Spirit fills and works through us when we submit, feed on the Word (read it and think about it), pray (listen to God and talk to Him), and do good works (leading, teaching, serving, praying for intercession, giving, taking care of folks, etc.). The gifts of the Spirit are not for our own puffing up but are for the discipling of Christ-followers, so that the body of Christ is indeed unified and that in Christ we grow up from baby Christians feeding on the basic truths of Scripture to be mature Christians who submit daily to God and who feed on the deep things of God.

That’s what religion teaches and why I hate it so. With the exception of the first line, everything you said in that paragraph is true and being distorted and misapplied by the misunderstanding you started with. (I’m also a bit concerned about the mention of “good works,” but I’ll let that slide and assume the best with you because you’ve demonstrated to me that your heart for God is sincere.)

Too many instances of Scripture describe the difficulties that Christians will face, for us to believe that God wants us to be totally without pain, disease, heartache, or poverty in this world. Peter, John, and Paul advise and encourage Christians for the times WHEN (which means, “they’re gonna come, dearhearts!”) the natural course of life will assail us and persecution will afflict us. Christians today sit in jails, struggle through illnesses of all sorts, face family situations they promised themselves they would do everything to prevent. I don’t think it is a lack of prayer or a lack of faith that causes those things. And anyone who attributes the situation to one of those lacks is bound to offend/hurt the person going through that situation.

Prediction is not endorsement. If you do not believe that “God wants us to be totally without pain, disease, heartache, or poverty in this world,” you’re not reading the same book I am. Throughout the Bible, God makes that truth clear. He said, I’m He “that gives you power to get wealth.” (Deut. 8:18) He said that he wished us to be in health and prosper even as our soul prospers in III John 1:2. He said He was the LORD that heals us (both physically and emotionally) in at least 5 places I can think of off the top of my head. (Ex. 15:26, (I am the Lord that heals you), Psalms 103:3 (heals ALL my diseases), Psalms 147:3 (heals my broken heart), Isaiah 53 through the end of the book of Isaiah is almost entirely about the subject and is quoted by Peter in I Peter 2:24. (Isaiah said we are, Peter said by His stripes we were healed.

But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

He also said, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

You can’t believe in salvation by faith without believing in healing by faith (both emotional and spiritual), or prosperity by faith. He paid the price for us all and purchased the whole package. Hardship will come, but He doesn’t change and He’s made His position very clear. He went out of His way to do it and still does. Do you believe that only some people that pray the “prayer of salvation” get saved? Then you cannot believe that only some people who pray for healing will get it. The same sacrificial Lamb provided both at the same time during the same process.

Larry’s reply, number 47, and Arielle’s reply, number 50, are the keys to the problem in “mainline” churches today. Makes me think of Casting Crowns’s song “If We Are the Body.” I think the problem is our disobedience, which may point to a lack of faith or just to spiritual laziness and continued rebellion. We sometimes are the younger brother and sometimes the older (see Jesus’ parable about the forgiving father). We need to be demonstrating the love of the forgiving father…rather, Father.

Religion is a satanic tool that has been used successfully for over 2000 years to keep people ignorant. For a long time, he managed to keep the Bible out of people’s hands entirely. Ever since God raised up Gutenberg and Luther to solve that problem, he’s been distorting it. You’re absolutely right that we’re the problem. When reality and scripture don’t line up, religion makes up stuff to explain it away. I want to know why it’s not lining up. The purpose of prayer is not to ask for stuff or beg for stuff or hope real hard that your wishes come true. The purpose of prayer is to get yourself lined up with the living Word.

Don’t trust any man, including me or your pastor, to interpret the Word for you. It’s a Living Book and He most definitely wants to be known. That’s why He sent the Book in the first place. Don’t listen to men and the books they write. Just seek Him. He’ll let you know where, when and to whom you need to submit and then work around them if He has to. He probably will have to but He’s good at at it because He’s been doing it ever since the original sin in the garden.

You and I may be saying tangential things, DC, just from different angles. We’re two different parts of Christ’s body. Both of us…and all the others who participate in or read these threads…are needed. Thanks for helping me remember that.


Oh, and congrats on 50+ comments!

We most definitely are members of the same body. Since I can’t have ya for my own, I’m glad you’re my sister, Elena. If I’m ever too harsh about this stuff, don’t take it personal. I love you and hate religion. Sometimes I don’t make that line too clear when I try to express myself. As for the number of comments, Thanks, I guess. I wouldn’t have even noticed the comment count if you and cZja hadn’t mentioned it. I couldn’t care less. That’s not why I do this.

The real message in Genesis 1

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

As with most of the Bible, there’s more than one message in the account of creation. It’s pretty clear to me that the intent was not to spell it all out for us. I think the central message is the power of words. Count how many times you read “God said” in that passage. Whenever I encounter something that repetitive in the Bible, even an idiot like me can figure out that there’s a message there. The power of words is important to understand. He starts right off in the first verses of the Bible emphasizing that and does it all the way through the book.

I also need to clarify, as I’ve already done in the comments of the previous post, that I believe that God made the earth we now know and everything on it in 6 literal 24 hour days. I wasn’t denying that. I was throwing out a theory that does not contradict that. I should have been more clear about that.

To those that commented that this kind of speculation is dangerous, I say, “No, it’s good clean fun.” If you read the very first line of the very first comment posted there, you’ll see that ajw308 took this in the spirit it was intended. This is not a matter of faith or doctrine with me. I tried to make it clear that this post was for a mental exercise and not a matter of faith or doctrine. I have fun debating and discussing the questions that the Bible leaves to us. It never changes my faith. The Bible is very clear about what it was intended to be clear about. I find that discussions of curiosity like this sharpen my knowledge of the Bible as a whole. I’m not married to this theory, I acknowledged that I can’t prove it scripturally, but I also don’t think it can be disproven with scripture. I also don’t see anywhere that it opens any doors to evolutionary theory.

Also, JACIII said:
Interesting DC. You really did some homework there.

Thanks, JAC. I take that compliment with a smile and a big dose of humility for a number of reasons.

First, I did all that “homework” about 20 years ago, as a teenager. That is what I was referencing when I said in another comment there that I posted it as a mental exercise. I went back to my notes to refresh my memory about the details and did the post to hone my writing skills, which are weak but improving, I hope. (I left out a lot of the “homework,” by the way. There’s a lot more minutiae than I annoyed you with here.)

Second, my Hebrew and Greek skills are pretty much limited to knowing how to read a Strong’s concordance. The thought crossed my mind as I was writing that post that I might get corrected on my Hebrew by Serena or someone else that knows it far better than me. (I welcome that, incidentally. I want Truth and if I miss it somewhere, I want to know.)

Third, I think it’s a topic that everyone that fights over could be a little more humble about. I think God intentionally left out some of the details about creation and left us with questions because a) we probably couldn’t understand a lot of it, b) it’s not important to Him that we fully understand it and (most important) c) it’s humbling. Science doesn’t have the answers and neither does the Bible offer all of them.

Fourth, I appreciate JAC’s graciousness. I’ve been “fighting” with him and his brothers recently over doctrinal differences and other things. Throughout it all, JAC was always a gentleman. I think both of his brothers and I all three got a little carried away in the debate and were too obnoxious about it.

Wisdom comes in part from years. He shows it.

To JAC and both of his brothers, I apologize for unChrist-like behavior. I am capable of agreeably disagreeing and usually do, in religious matters at least. I just so love a good debate and I let myself get carried away with the debate to the point of forgetting why I was in it in the first place.

Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone!

A theory on creation

Friday, March 25th, 2005

I think it is rather pointless, except as entertainment, to try to explain the creation of the universe. It’s fun to debate and the evolutionists are clearly wrong as evidenced by how many times they’ve changed their story and the circular logic they use when challenged. The “creationists” can be just as silly. Most of them don’t understand that the Bible glossed over the subject pretty lightly because that’s not what the Book is about. I sometimes get the feeling that God was in effect saying, “It’s none of your business exactly how I did it. Pay attention to the message.”

Having said that, I’ve done quite a bit of study on the biblical account of creation and I would like to offer a theory, that is based in scripture but that I cannot prove. (Just as you can’t prove yours.)

Genesis 1:1-2:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

This is one of many examples of how flawed the KJV really is and why it’s important to study instead of just read.

In the original Hebrew text, there is no period at the end of that first sentence. It was, in fact, a “rhebhia.” It was a punctuation mark used, by the ancient Jewish scholars that wrote this passage, much like we use the ellipsis today. It indicates that something has been omitted; there’s a pause in the narrative here.

Translated properly, then, we would have:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…

The very next word was also mistranslated. It should not be “and,” it should be “but.” (Hebrew: “waw” or ‘kai”) That changes everything. “But” implies that something happened after the ellipsis. “But the earth was without form and void.” As further evidence, the word translated “was” is the Hebrew word “hayah,” which really means “became, or it came to pass.” So now we have, “But it came to pass that the earth was without form and void.” Let’s keep digging.

That phrase “without form and void” is the Hebrew without “tohuw” and “bohuw.” Everywhere else you find those words in the Bible, they refer to something laid waste or desolate as a result of God’s righteous judgment.

Also, in the first verse here, we see the word “create.” Throughout most of the rest of the chapter, we see the word “made.” The Hebrew translated as “created” is “bara’” and means to create from nothing. (That’s my paraphrase; the literal definition is “absolutely to create.”) The word translated as “made” throughout the rest of the chapter is the Hebrew “asah” which implies making something from something that already exists. Among the many definitions for asah we find words like, “bring forth, fashion, finish, fit, fulfill, furnish, bring to pass, prepare.”

I also must mention in verse 2 that God “moved upon the face of the waters.” In II Peter 3 there is a reference to “the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.” I’m not going to go into all of it, but you’ll find looking at the original Greek there, that he does not seem to be referring to Noah’s flood. He is referencing a complete destruction of all inhabitants of earth and that didn’t happen in Noah’s flood. (You’ll also find there “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day [is] with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” I can’t believe that’s coincidence. As Serena says, “do the math.” We’re into the seventh millennium since the biblical account of creation.)

Is it possible that the reason God promised Noah that He would never flood the earth again was because He had done it not once, but twice?

My conclusion from this is that God created the earth long before the Genesis account. In that account He was remaking it. He “destroyed” it with a flood before He ever created Man. I speculate (with my very limited scientific knowledge) that when Ezekiel 28 makes mention of God casting Lucifer to the ground, that there was war in heaven and Lucifer was cast to the earth, causing “darkness upon the face of the deep.” (The “meteor” that some scientists speculate killed the dinosaurs and started the Ice Age?) God turned out the lights and thus began the “Ice Age.” When God spoke in Genesis 1 and said “Let there be light,” the ice melted and the earth was flooded. He then remade the earth from what was already here.

Here’s some even wilder speculation: Since we know from Ezekiel 28 that “pipes and tabrets” were created in Lucifer and that he was beautful and perfect, is it possible that he was created as God’s most perfect creation up to that point and for the purpose of being heaven’s praise and worship leader? Is it possible that God created the earth for him, originally? Is it possible that God populated the earth with animals, similar to mankind, that would fit the description of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man and gave Lucifer charge over them to praise Him?

Maybe when iniquity was found in Lucifer, he was called in before the King for judgment and was cast down to the earth, thus destroying everything that had been given to him.

Later, God remade the earth and created man in His own image as an additional punishment to what had become satan. He was the most perfect thing God had ever created until God created humans in His own image. For one who was the most perfect creation and whose iniquity began with pride in that, there could be nothing more frustrating.

As I said at the beginning, I can’t prove any of this and it matters to me not a whit. It’s fun to discuss but it’s not all that relevant to the purpose of the Bible. In fact, I believe that evolution evolved (pun intended) out of satan’s desire to exploit an opening, that being that the Bible is not about creation and doesn’t fully explain it.

I welcome discussion, but won’t argue this because it’s nothing more than speculation as a mental exercise.

Terri Schiavo’s “dignity”

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

I’ll admit I haven’t followed this Schiavo case closely. But I have been paying attention to it off and on for at least a year.

Michael Schiavo is a murderer. That’s it. There it is. The debate and legal wrangling is all bullshit.

We have much reason to suspect that he’s responsible for the condition that she’s in, not the least of which is the fact that he’s fighting so hard, for so long, at such expense to make sure she gets dead. Let me make it plain: If he loved her enough to care about “her wishes” so much, he wouldn’t have “moved on” and started a family with another woman while he was fighting for the right to finish killing her.

A man that’s moved on should move on. He’s chosen to try to have his cake and eat it too. A man that loves her would be loving her. His story would still be suspect, but almost believable, if he wasn’t a whore and an idiot. He tried to kill her and failed. That takes a special kind of stupid. He then sued for malpractice and took the proceeds to pay more lawyers to sue for the right to finish killing her.

Let Terri’s parents take guardianship and responsibility for her and put Michael Schiavo on death row in Texas. (I know that’s not legal but most of the rest of this isn’t either.) As Ron White’s pointed out, we’re puttin’ in an express lane for death row here in Texas.

This isn’t so much a right to life issue as it is shining a glaring spotlight on the cockroaches that make up our current “legal system.” Look at ‘em scurry.

The solution here is to put every judge in America on trial and hang every single one that contradicts the Constitution or over steps their bounds. It seems that it takes a special kind of evil to graduate from attorney to judge, especially in Florida.

And they have the chutzpah to say that Michael Schiavo’s fighting for her dignity.

God help us.

I’m still trying to figure out who’s more inept: Michael Schiavo or Scott Peterson. They’re both stupid but it’s kind of a toss up – Scott wasn’t too stupid to get it done the first time but Michael Schiavo appears to be getting away with it.